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Parent Hospital Clinical Facilities at other Institution

  1. Govt. District Hospital
  2. Govt. Women Hospital
  3. Primary Health Centre
  4. Community Health Centre
  5. Mental Hospital
  6. Leprosy Hospital

Library, the brain of an institution, the centre of knowledge, of College Of Nursing Azamgarh has a meticulously chosen selection of more that 4,000 books, of Indian and foreign origin. Every student is free to choose any book of his interest in Medical, Dental, Pharmacology, Computer, Medical/Dental information systems and other reading materials from the reference and issue sections.

The College Of Nursing Azamgarh is equipped with the following Facilities
  • Fundamental Lab
  • Anatomy Lab
  • Community Lab
  • Nutrition Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • O. B. G. Lab
  • Staff Residence.

  • Faculty Residence.

  • Play Ground.

  • Audotorium.

  • Internet Lab.

  • 24 hour Wi-Fi.

  • Ro drinking Water System

  • Large Cafeteria

  • 24 Hour Electricity

  • Transportation

  • Research and Instrument Lab

  • Machine Room

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